1. Scottly James Burns
    September 4, 2008 @ 5:38 pm

    We The People in the U.S. need a real alternative 2nd

    political party established. The NWO plutocratic one

    party system ‘ two sides of the same coin ‘ have

    miserably sunken US into multi-trillions of debt and

    endless foriegn wars for banker profit and oil greed.

    These rats will not be driven out with a ‘ stolen vote ‘

    no paper trail basis. The consequences of civil war

    are as disaterous as voting for the lesser evil time

    after time after time. Pick our posion folks ? Either

    way it will not be pleasant. I’d rather die standing

    like a human being on my feet instead of a sub

    human on my knees with chains on me when I die.

    How about you ?


  2. ann Flaherty
    September 8, 2008 @ 12:56 am

    Let’s put the blame where it really belongs- the voter. The America voter for too long has simply gone along with out questioning or taking a real interest in the politics of this country -displaying a lethargy, which I call the “Rip Van Winkle effect” that has empowered every representative that has been seated in office. Like lambs led to slaughter, while living the “good life,” we gave over our monitoring, thinking and national security to fellow Americans who we stupidly trusted in believing they, as we, were for the “Good of the People – Keep America strong – America First. Wrong!! I have watched with horror, for the last 20 years, as voters, clinging to their party’s views like unthinking robots, or some too busy to care to vote, while others pulled a lever that kept putting the same, greedy, do-nothings (there are a few exceptions-but not in my state) back into office while they have sold us and our country out to lobbyists, and foreign governments by perpetuating their own agendas, not ours and lining their pockets while American jobs, manufacturing, and national security has consistently dwindled away. Now we are in real trouble. (1)We can thank NAFTA,(under Clinton) the worst piece of anti-America legislation ever conceived by our American Congress, that no voter screamed about when being passed, is growing out of control (thanks to Bush) and threatening to embody the USA, Mexico and Canada into “Amerimexicanada,” (2)Free Trade, which is putting America last in equitable trade while we raise the likes of communist China into a great monetary power with its sub-standard products that are killing our pets and children as [it] rakes in billions of America dollars that are putting American workers jobless and on the streets (3) ‘Amnesty’ that keeps looming its ugly head – while 21 million illegal aliens are shoved down our throats, and our schools are forcing, yes forcing (did you get to vote on this?) our children to speak Spanish instead of insisting English is our language, learn to speak it; along with bankrupting the American Taxpayer for free medical care, and education (they get free college tutition before needy American families) by digging into our dwindling paychecks to the tune of Several billion dollars. We don’t need a third party of more crooks, we need to modify the behavior of the existing crooks in the two existing parties. When you recognize the representative you voted into office is not representing you but rather themselves VOTE THEM OUT. If the next jerk voted in who has pledged to be “your voice” and represent you, doesn’t adhere to the will of the people, VOTE HIM/HER OUT the next time around. Rmember it isn’t the Party – it’s the person! We will then take our country back as Congress and the Senate will know Americans have finally woken up, are keeping tabs again and we mean business.


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