1. GK
    October 23, 2009 @ 10:10 am

    My mother was killed in an instance of medical malpractice and we could not find a lawyer willing to take the case. I am sick and tired of incompetent medical quacks killing and butchering people and then demanding “tort reform” so they cannot be sued for their malpractice.


    • John K. Onda
      December 28, 2010 @ 4:36 pm

      The obvious theme of this page are those incensed by medical malpractice. So am I. My late mother, Mary I. Onda, suffered for years due to the fact she developed a disc-space infection post-op and was ignored by her neurologist, Richard Casden and her neurosurgeon, David Zorub. After her infection had cleared up, I took her to many doctors in the Pittsburgh area – they wanted nothing to do with her. Why? Doctors do not care to get involved when they know one of their colleagues has made an error. It was only through the efforts of Dr. Reginald Davis at Johns Hopkins Medical Center that Mary finally did get some pain relief. Then her subsequent civil litigation for malpractice was a nightmare. All we heard for 3 weeks was one lie after another told by the defendants and their pals in the medical brotherhood. It will haunt me forever. So the only recourse I had was to write a book about the events that occured to Mary and I. The title is ‘Perceptions of Morality.’ And while I had to fictionalize some of the subject matter, most of the story is based upon the truth.


  2. W. L. Head
    October 23, 2009 @ 10:40 am

    When doctors start having to live in my neighborhood, I’ll start being concerned about their malpractice insurance costs.

    If the medical monopoly would police their own – which they don’t – the cost of malpractice insurance would plummit because they would be so rare.


  3. Andrew Johns
    October 23, 2009 @ 11:11 am

    Limiting patient’s rights in malpractice cases is one more example of class warfare that is now increasing the gulf


  4. Lefty
    October 23, 2009 @ 11:31 am

    As a medical malpractice survivor and a lawyer, knowing that the civil justice system – RIGHT NOW – already weighs heavily in favor of protecting doctors from taking responsibility for their errors, my first impulse was to forego the courts and exact retribution against the doctors who hurt me, personally.

    Medical malpractice is the 6th leading cause of death in the U.S. Over 100,000 people are killed every year from medical errors. And, this statistic does not include medical malpractice survivors, like me, left to live the rest of my life in intractable pain and debilitation.

    If lawmakers see fit to FURTHER immunize doctors from responsibility for their errors, I foresee many medical malpractice victims (or their surviving spouses, children, etc.), exacting retribution against the negligent doctors, personally, and doctors would be well advised to take the money that they save on malpractice insurance premiums and invest it in bullet proof vests, body guards and upgraded security systems.


    • linda lauro
      November 2, 2011 @ 2:02 am

      YES, YES, YES!


    • Garrick
      January 30, 2013 @ 8:02 pm

      Lefty, you know your anger is justified. Now pretend to be a non-lawyer victim who seeks an attorney, only to be turned down time after time and often with a dismissive attitude that your injury isn’t at the level to be of any interest.

      I invite you to contact me through my website (highlighted link), or join the Facebook groups dedicated to victims of medical injury. See my comment below for a list, “If you are on Facebook, there are groups for medical injury victims.”


  5. Lester Clark
    October 23, 2009 @ 11:47 am

    As one of the few attorneys who handle medical malpractice claims in my town, the first thing I’d say is that we don’t file frivolous medmal law suits! It simply costs too much.

    I concur with the figure that about 98K (if not more) die each year from medical negligence in our nation’s hospitals; countless more suffer serious injury. However, the criteria for what constitutes medical malpractice as opposed to medical negligence, is extremely high — especially in a state like mine (Mississippi) where the Republican Governor got a strong tort reform bill (with caps) passed several years ago, making it all the harder to bring a medical malpractice lawsuit.

    I’d say at this point only a small percentage of medical negligence case rise to the level of medical malpractice claims. I hear 5 to so horror stories every week about terrible and inexcusable medical negligence, but unfortunately feel we can take a minuscule few of these as legitimate medical malpractices we could win.

    My blood boils when I hear people such as Senator Grassley blowing off about frivolous law suits. This is such a red herring simply to distract us from the real issue, meaningful health care reform.
    Lester Clark, Hattiesburg, MS


  6. patty brotman
    October 23, 2009 @ 12:37 pm

    I am very fortunate to be alive and not paralyzed. After contracting an infection in situ during back surgery my arrogant surgeon “knew” i was a nurse just after more percocets and refused—week after week— to address the excruciating pain i experienced post surgery. My family doctor proved totally helpless in any investigation of “a problem”—for instance, ordering an MRI—-too expensive.
    Finally, a doctor i trusted knew this was an emergency—“why don’t they order an MRI?” she said.
    She did and the films showed a massive infection right below the canal. I was sent immediately to Pa. Hospital and given 5 I.V. antibiotics to try to stop the infection. I stayed there a month!
    I was down to 90 lbs. and was a pretty sick cookie.
    The surgeon who picked up the pieces told me to “sue the______”. Which i did– unsuccessfully—of course. I hope you are happy to have gotten away with this, Steven Fedder at Lankenau Hospital, Wynnewood, Pa.


  7. Cathy Consoli
    October 23, 2009 @ 2:01 pm

    I’ve read that many doctors that should have their licenses revoked are protected by the AMA & transferred to other hospitals without any negative information in their files. They can continue harming other patients.

    Kind of sounds like the Catholic Church with the priests that molested Alter Boys. They were just moved around to other parishes.

    Also “malpractice insurance” is only 2% or less of the cost of health care. Bad doctors must not be allowed to continue to practice.

    I’m really SICK of all the big $$ lobbyists & who they work for. It would be DIFFERENT if it was for the “better good” for all.

    I guess I was lucky. My problem was with the doctors when California moved the majority of Medi-Cal patients to managed care. My PCP’s treated me HORRIBLE, never following through with the requests from the specialists I needed to see. The PCP’S wouldn’t sign ANY paperwork that I needed to continue on disability, in fact from the time I had managed care, I NEVER got treatment for what I ORIGINALLY went to the DR. for! The ONLY thing I got was 800 mg. Motrin 3-4 x a day for 5 years before I ended up needing emergency gall bladder surgery! I almost died!

    I went through this for 6-7 yrs., saw about 14 DR.’s & had ONLY 1/2 hr. of physical therapy for my back! It was a paper chase & a “catch 22”. And since 1997 I have to live with chronic pain 24/7! In fact now I’m worse than when I first went to the DR.!


  8. Mark Bales
    October 23, 2009 @ 3:15 pm

    I was injured on a job site in Texas through no fault of my own in October 1984. The doctors I was able to see, (an Seventh Day Adventist no less), all lied to me so much that I lost confidence in my own senses and settled my WC claim.

    It turns out that it was much worse, and that all the pain I was experiencing was real. I have now been unemployed, unemployable, disabled, and in extreme pain for over 24 years now.

    How could I support a wife and children with NO income? Finally after all this time I receive SSI. But $700.00 per month still prevents me from supporting myself, much less a wife or children. This is not really living. It is only survival, mere existence.

    Who are these a**holes who say I am in it only for the money? I have been hit by automobiles 3 times since and couldn’t find lawyer to take my case because of “previous injury”.

    I think that the class warfare is being practiced by both the R’s and the D’s,and I am just a peon.


  9. Harmon Chamberlin
    October 23, 2009 @ 3:36 pm

    My representative and senators are both Texas Republicans. There is absolutely no possibility of getting them to accept reality.


  10. Grover Syck
    October 23, 2009 @ 5:18 pm

    Careless and reckless doctors must be held accountable. The good ones need to be protected.

    there is a difference.


  11. Ellen Faulkner
    October 24, 2009 @ 9:56 pm

    My mother was killed by the Dcotors in a hospital. She was given bad blood during an diabetic tranfusion during dyalisis and contracted Hepatitis B. None of her family were told. I spoke to her at the hospital at 9:00PM and at midnight 3 hours later i received a call that she was in an irrevervible coma and would never come out of it. Why were we not told of her condition and most importantly, why wasn’t she? She had to be taken off life support, when I was supposed to be picking her up at 9:00 Am the next day. We held her with no notice of her contagiousness. Her sister, a nurse, had loked at her records and found out what the dcotors had never told us. Even worse, when the funeral driector went to pick up her body, a close friend of the family, he called to tell me they would not release her as they ahd falsified the death certificate. This added to our grief tremendously, as we had seen her bleeding from her ears and still the doctors at the hosptial still said nothing to us. I FNALLY NAILED A DOCTOR AND HE TOLD ME THE TRUTH. TO THIS DAY I WISH WE HAD SUCED FOR INTENTIONAL DEATH, SO THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN TO ANYONE ELSE, BUT WE WERE TOO EMOTIOANLLU DISTRAUGHT TO THINK STRAIGHT. A YAEAR LATER HER 6TH GRANDCHILD WAS BORN ON THE DAY SHE PASSED AND SHE WILL NEVER KNOW HER GRANDMOTHER BECAUSE OF THE LYING DEVASTATION OF THE DOCTORS. eVERY ONE OF THEM SHOULD HAVE BEEN FIRD AND LOST THEIR MEDICAL LICENSES.


  12. Dave Kisor
    October 25, 2009 @ 12:59 am

    If everybody can’t have insurance, then there shouldn’t be any at all. It’s a racket that should be made criminal. As for so called frivolous lawsuits, many of those who call them that filed many frivolous lawsuits, making them abject hypocrites, but since many of them have their craniums up their rectal cavities, they can’t distinguish between frivolous and legitimate. They also require the surgery to install a viewing port in their abdomen.

    I once overheard two teenagers, (I wasn’t trying, they were on the seat in front of me on the bus) and one of them simply stated, “don’t worry, the insurance will cover it.” Entire generations have grown up believing insurance is mana from heaven. Are they ever in for a let down!


  13. m j
    October 26, 2009 @ 4:46 am

    I was hospitalized through the ER (with insurance) for nausea, vomiting and dehydration. During my 23 day hospital stay to correct a number of other issues my heart was attacked by a virus and I ended up with congestive heart failure. I did not bring that to the hospital with me – it was a “gift” from the hospital.
    The best way to lower the number of or amount of malpractice suits – is to increase the quality of medical care available.
    The hospital where I was moved patients every night in order to use the available beds in the most “productive” manner. I’m not kidding about this. Finally I just said “no” don’t move me.

    My heart is working at a minimal capacity and I am permanently disabled. I was dangerously close to needing a heart transplant. Again I repeat – improve the quality of medical care available to all – but I add — make insurance and medical care available to everyone. I no longer have insurance.


  14. Seattle injury attorney
    October 29, 2009 @ 12:39 pm

    Accidents leave us overwhelmed by mounting medical bills and long-term expenses. How do you secure long term financial security in the face of accumulating debt?


  15. ‘Tort Reform’ Means Less Accountability For The Medical Profession
    February 25, 2010 @ 12:03 am

    […] Merlyna Adams, a school principal in Louisiana, who on account of a botched kidney stone extraction, subsequently […]


  16. Brie: It’s What’s For Breakfast
    February 26, 2010 @ 3:42 pm

    […] a school principal in Louisiana, who was shunted to four different hospitals and denied attention even after tests revealed an […]


  17. linda lauro
    November 2, 2011 @ 2:54 am

    Let’s not forget that lawyers also play a role in this tragedy. In my case there was no “mistake” (although it was pretty much botched, so who knows), no unfortunate infection, and the healing capacity of my body proved to be both strong and rapid. All of my permanent and disabling symptoms arose from procedures that I specifically and repeatedly stated I would never agree to, and was repeatedly assured would not be performed. And then they were. Although I had several doctors confirm this, more than one lawyer refused to take my case. One finally came out and told me that “You are already 47 years old, which limits the amount we can win. If we can’t reasonably expect a settlement in the millions, we can’t take the case.” So, the SOB that mutilated me against my will actually got paid to do so (!), while my life is destroyed. Five years later I am not only suffering the physical consequences, but am also have been diagnosed with PTSD. I don’t need millions. But my suffering is multiplied by additional expenses (ie: treatments I cannot afford)- shouldn’t somebody at least have to pay for that?!


  18. Dayton Smith, Jr.
    September 3, 2012 @ 2:36 pm

    I have summarized below an email I sent to my attorney on 8/24/12. This was five years to the day a doctor’s intentional disregard of my wife’s life was the direct cause of her death on 8/24/07. My wife’s story is absoultly impossible to believe unless you were made to live it. What makes my wife’s death far worse is this doctor named Bhattacharya along with the management of Rockford Memorial Hospital, Rockford, IL went into my wife’s medical records 13 hours after Bhattacharya killed her and withheld, destroyed and re-wrote my wfe’s charts. None of this is specualtion on my part it is proven fact. However, according to the Winnebago States attorney and my civil attorney and the IL Dept. of Professional Regualtion this is considered legal as long as it was done by the medical industry.

    There is no such thing as justice when it comes to medical malpractice and if anyone thinks an insurance company throwing a check at you years and years and years later stands for justice they have noT lived through legalized manslaughter, a planned cover up and the legalized perjury that has to go along with it. By the way my wife was 47 years old, 5’2″, 110 lbs and in great health when she entered a Rockford Memorial Clinic. This is the day any chance she had to fight an invasion to her body was taken away and her odds of survival were reduce to zero.


    Five years ago today Bhattacharya concluded his treatment of Leanne as this is the day she died from his intentional disregard of her life not to mention the terrible suffering he made her endure.

    How can we live in a society that allows this barbaric treatment of another human being let alone this guy being a doctor? This man knew the aggressive and critical nature of Leanne’s cancer on 7/26/07 when the pathologist called him direct to tell him Leanne’s cancer was very aggressive and her life was in danger. This guy knew she had small nodules in her lungs that were cancerous via the 7/30/07 radiology report. This guy knew throughout this manslaughter how Leanne’s attacks were escalating significantly from day to day starting with my call to the clinic on 7/26/07, Leanne’s call on 8/1/07 trying to get an appointment with this asshole, on 8/2/07, my call to the clinic on 8/4/07 and his call to me on 8/6/07.

    So being armed with the 7/26/07 pathologist phone call, the 7/30/07 radiology report and Leanne’s and my constant concerns over the escalation of her attacks this guy does exactly the opposite of what everyone advised him and made Leanne suffer terribly and took her to her death.

    Bhattacharya’s actions have nothing to do with negligence. Negligence would be what Crute did to the 21 patients she has harmed so far. This has to do with a man who has to hold a different value of life than anyone else in our society. This has to do with a man who has placed a higher value on turning patients (dollars) than he does the life of a patient.

    This has never had anything to do with whether Leanne lived or died. This has always been about this guy taking away any and all chance she may have had and how could anyone ever understand his actions? Bhattacharya’s pain management program he gave Leanne of “bear with it” goes right along with this guys intentional disregard of her life.

    I do not know of anyone in any field that would have done this to another human being. In our appointment on 8/2/07 he told Leanne endometrial cancer was not an emergency and she could go six months without treatment and nothing would change. He told Leanne there were some tiny nodules in the bottom of her lungs but they were of no concern. He told Leanne her cure would be a hysterectomy and on with her life and he told us he would have his nurse call for an appointment at UW Hospital but it would be three to four weeks out as emergency cancer had to come first. Than on 8/6/07 this man called me based on my Saturday 8/4/07 call to the clinic. This was the call that cinched Leanne’s death when he talked us out of going to Mayo Clinic as they would not treat or admit her as emergency cancer cases had to come first. This was 12 days after the pathologist call to him and 8 days after the radiology report.

    This gets us to five years ago today when I had to pull Leanne’s life support and watch her die for six hours knowing full well that her barbaric death had nothing to do with her cancer. Prior to pulling Leanne’s life support I told her she was going to die as a direct result of Bhattacharya and the trust she placed with him and I would go the rest of my life trying to make this man responsible for his actions.

    So here we are five years later and I will continue to try and honor the promise I made to Leanne until my death. This guy did kill Leanne on 8/24/07 and how would I have ever known at the time that he would be allowed to hide behind his medical license, Rockford Memorial, our state representatives, our news media and the justice system itself. Furthermore, how would I have ever known that IL is without any form of regulation and the IDPR is in bed with the very industry they are tasked to regulate? If Leanne’s manslaughter, terrible suffering and death are not enough to go on all one has to do is look at the neurosurgeon from OSF, Denis Crute.

    This gal gets kicked out of CO with 17 counts of mal-practice, goes to SD but they refuse to issue her a medical license due to her prior experience in CO so she comes to IL gets her license from the IDPR and becomes head neurosurgeon for OSF. Now she has four more cases against her in IL bringing her total to date at 21 victims and we are still counting.

    So due to a state without regulation a doctor can kill a patient by intent than go into her medical records 13 hours after this death and along with the management of a major hospital completely destroy these records and the IDPR tells me this guy is not negligent in any manner. This is the same agency who can also tell me it is impossible to determine if medical records have been altered and if they were who would have done it. They can tell me this after looking at Leanne’s medical records dictated 13 hours after her death for appointments a month prior and signed by Bhattacharya.

    Of course this is the same agency that had to have been in bed with OSF when they issued Crute a medical license and brought her history of pain and suffering to IL. This is the agency we are mandated to pay for by our state politicians. Of course this agency is no different than the medical industry they are to regulate as they are also not responsible or accountable for their actions.

    How many people have to be killed or maimed before the justice systems pre-mandate that all medical issues including manslaughter and a conspiracy of cover up and the IDPR are blown up and started over with the intent to actually defend and protect us defenseless, living breathing human beings.

    Something has to be done to place a human life above the power, politics and greed that are destroying this once great country. We have been programmed to believe in our medical and legal institutions and because of the power these institutions wield no one is aware of how much they are at risk. The other alarming factor that insures more harm is brought to others is our news media does not dare report on something like Leanne’s manslaughter, the planned cover up afterwards, the 21 cases against Crute, the justice systems pre-mandate or the IDPR for fear of the loss of advertising dollars and a guaranteed law suit. Thus, many more people will enter an IL medical clinic thinking they are in business to preserve and protect their life not having any idea what could happen to them if they end up in the care of doctors like Crute or Bhattacharya and the aftermath that follows.

    I ask again for you to arrange a hearing with the judge handling Leanne’s civil case. I want to ask him for Leanne’s original 7/27, 8/2 and 8/6/07 medical records along with the record of appointments she had with Bhattacharya prior to 7/24/07. I also want to ask him to put this manslaughter in front of the states attorney.

    I realize I have been persecuted, called radical amongst many other things but I am the same guy wanting the same thing as you met five years ago. All I ever wanted than as I do now is real justice and Bhattacharya being made to pay a real price for his actions. So far Leanne and I are the only ones who have had to pay for Bhattacharya’s intentional disregard of Leanne’s life directly resulting in her terrible suffering and death.

    I have been made to live this moral dystopia along with the death of the moral values and character of this nation. We are programmed to believe in the medical and legal institutions of this country when neither represents the well being of us people. These institutions represent the power grid that controls us and we wonder why this country is failing. These are not even my words they are the words of James Davison Hunter professor of religion at VA University but I am the one living the words.

    Dayton Smith, Jr.


  19. Dayton Smith, Jr.
    September 3, 2012 @ 2:41 pm

    I have noted below an email I sent out the other day to another victim of medical malpractice. This email summarizes what medical malpractice is really about and it has nothing to do with the victims.

    I happened upon your website http–www.medicalmalpracticesupport.com-images-index_02.jpg regarding what the medical industry did to your mom and it is appalling this conduct happens but what is worse is us individuals are at a terrible risk for exactly what happened to your mom and we have no rights, agency or protection from just what you have faced. Furthermore, we have been programed to believe that by suing a doctor for this terrible negligence and receiving a check from an insurance underwriter justice has been served. In fact, there is no such thing as justice when it relates to the medical industry. Moreover, what you have found and I have experienced is the medical industry of today really has no form of regulation and this is what fosters care like your mom’s. You mentioned you found out after it was too late that the doctor responsible for your mom’s death has at least ten different cases against him and there is no way to stop him from the harm he is causing others.

    Just to let you know, you are not an exception but a norm if you happen upon the wrong medical professional. If you think ten cases against a doctor is bad go into Google and look up a doctor named Denise Crute. This person had 17 counts against her in CO and they finally pulled her license. Thus, she went to SD who refused to issue her a medical license so she came to IL and the IL Dept. of Professional Regulation (IDPR) issued her a medical license and she became head neurosurgeon for OSF Hospital, Rockford, IL. Now she has four more cases of malpractice against her in IL and we are still counting. When the IDPR issued her a license they had to have known of her history but I believe the management of OSF needed a neurosurgeon to keep certain government grants so they had the regulatory agency of IL issue her a license as the grants would be a direct loss while any further malpractice suites would be covered by insurance.

    What you have experienced is the reality of what is happening around us or a human life is very secondary to the power grid that has taken us over. Like it or not your mom’s life really had no meaning and there is no state agency, attorney, state representative or any individual in authority that dares buck the system. In addition, I feel a major reason for what happened to your mom relates directly to the only option available for this terrible disregard of a human life or civil litigation and this represents a multi billion dollar industry for the legal institution and they would never allow this to be changed. This was never about your mom or what the medical industry did to her it is about two law firms and the fact the doctors who took your mom to her death will never be made accountable or responsible for their actions. Think about it, the one doctor responsible for your mom’s death has ten cases against him which translates to twenty law firms while the CO neurosurgeon I mentioned above has 21 cases against her which equates to 42 law firms and this is what medical malpractice is all about. So together these two doctors have a combined 31 cases of malpractice which means 62 law firms. Out of these 31 cases I would guess there will be up to $30,000,000 paid out in by medical malpractice insurance of which the law firms will get maybe $10,000,000. The Crute cases are far worse as the four cases brought against this Crute in IL are the direct fault of the IDPR but they, like the medical industry they are tasked to regulate, are also not responsible or accountable for their actions.

    I will not get directly into what I have been made to live with other than to attach a copy of four different emails I have recently sent out. The bottom line of what I have faced is my wife was killed by a doctor named Bhattacharya and what he did has nothing to do with negligence. He knew exactly what he was doing when he did it and he intentionally made my wife suffer and took her to her death. This is almost secondary to the fact 13 hours after her death Bhattacharya went along with the management of Rockford Memorial Hospital, Rockford, IL and withheld, destroyed and re-wrote my wife’s medical records and because this was done by the medical profession, which is the golden goose for the legal profession, this is considered legal.

    What makes your experience, mine and many, many, many more unbearable is that we live in a society that has no idea what is happening around them and are programed, no different than my wife and myself, to put their trust and faith in the medical institution not having any idea what could happen to them if they happen upon the wrong medical professional. Furthermore, they are all programed to believe, no different than my wife and myself, that somehow turning a medical malpractice case over to a civil attorney becomes justice when an insurance company is made to throw a check at you years and years later when there is really no such thing as justice with medical related issues. Justice to me and most everyone else means the person responsible for causing harm to a loved one is made to be responsible and accountable for their actions and this is the last thing that happens if this harm was caused by a medical professional. If there was any form of real justice how would the doctor who took your mom to her death or this doctor Crute be allowed to run up 31 cases and we are still counting. Moreover, the only price the doctor that killed my wife will be made to pay is the nice promotion he received from the management of Rockford Memorial Hospital two weeks after he killed my wife for going along with the conspiracy of cover up 13 hours after my wife died.

    The other thing that happens to an individual like me is everyone turns against you as no one believes this kind of thing can happen in what we are lead to believe is a civil society. Thus, as time goes on you loose everyone you cared for including your own kids as not one of them can even remotely understand what legalized manslaughter, a planned cover up and the legalized perjury does to an individual when there is no such thing as resolution, closure or justice in what these same people are programed to believe is a civil society. This is a society that has lost its way and there is no such thing as moral values or character other than in words. The only definition of civil in todays society is called a power grid that is controlled by power, politics and greed. If my wife would have been a dog I believe I could have gotten some form of resolution for what happened, however, she was a human being and therefore has no rights as she and I have run head on into this power grid.

    Please feel free to pass this email and attachments on to everyone on your email list and in the forum section of your website. Moreover, I along with another person, who has been faced with a wrongful death, are forming a group of people who have been harmed by putting their trust and faith in today’s medical industry and it is our intent to become vocal so others have an idea of just what might happen to them when they enter a medical clinic.

    Finally, I believe what you said in your website that most medical professionals take their skills seriously and want to to what is best for their patients to be very accurate. However, it is the exceptions to these standards that has seriously tarnished this fine profession and the fact there is no regulatory agency, state politician, lawyer, news agency, states attorney or any other person in a position of authority that will dare do anything to make the changes that are so vitally necessary. To me it is these very people who are indirectly responsible for what happened to your mom, my wife, the other nine cases against your mom’s doctor, all of Crute’s 21 cases and many, many, many, many more and if us people who have been harmed do nothing than we are just fueling the fire and are than also indirectly responsible for the next victims.

    Dayton Smith, Jr.


  20. Medical malpractice victims to Congress: We are not frivolous! « CitizenVox « Georjean Parrish's Blog
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  21. Garrick
    January 24, 2013 @ 6:46 am

    If you are on Facebook, there are groups for medical injury victims. Here are a few, some are closed and you will need to request to become a member.

    – ProPublica Patient Harm Community
    – Mothers Against Medical Error
    – IHI Patients Activists Group Page
    – Frivolous?


  22. Veronica James
    January 24, 2013 @ 9:16 am

    My mother, Vera Eliscu, was an alert, active, highly intellectual retired classical dancer and businesswoman. In December 2008, at the age of 90, she was admitted to the hospital for treatment of a foot ulcer and cellulitis. AN MRI showed the bone in her foot was unaffected. After five days in the hospital Mom was released to a long-term care facility with a two-week antibiotic prescription and instructions to stay off her foot.Within eight days at the long-term care facility she had contracted the intestinal infection Clostridium difficile and developed pneumonia in the bottom of her left lung. She was readmitted to the hospital. While an aide was feeding her the first night in the hospital, she aspirated food into her lungs. She developed double pneumonia and was sent to the ICU, where she was intubated and put on a ventilator. In the ICU she was extubated twice but her course was uneven and after a week it was determined that she needed a tracheotomy, PICC line, and feeding tube. She received a size 7 trach.

    After 10 days in ICU, Mom was transferred to a step-down unit and then a long-term acute care facilityfor vent-weaning and physical therapy. She did very well weaning and was getting out of bed and ready to walk again.We spent hours together in her room reading from her precious art books and discussing the state of the world. We looked forward eagerly to Mom coming home.

    Eleven days after Mom entered the LTAC, a temporary respiratory therapist changed her trach to a size 4, a very small trach that is difficult to suction. The trach slipped out unnoticed the next day as the nurses were turning her, leaving her without oxygen for 5 to15 minutes. Oxygen was not given promptly or correctly and Mom was in and out of a coma.She was visibly in pain andunable to speak or move. I could see the pain and fear in her eyes, but she never spoke again.

    Within three weeks of the trach event, Mom had developed a 13-cm Stage 4 bedsore. The LTAC did not offer a wound vac, because they did not have one, and they did no physical therapy to prevent bedsores. Mom became malnourished, was overloaded with fluids, contracted C diff, and developed a urinary tract infection. Eventually, she was transferred to a different LTAC where she received excellent care, but it was too late. Mom passed away in August 2009, six months after her anoxic brain injury and eight months after being admitted to the hospital for a foot ulcer.



  23. witness2
    August 27, 2016 @ 9:14 am

    HAWAII is involved in corruption of rampant medical negligence!!!

    It is unbelievable how the medical industry is committing RAMPANT and BLATANT NEGLIGENCE and getting away with it!!!

    The stories are way too many, as I have been talking to people all over the state, who are being prevented from getting BASIC MEDICATIONS, failures to properly diagnose, failure to properly test patients, no blood work, doctors attacking patients in locked rooms with no witnesses, and they are ALL BEING HIDDEN BY THE ATTORNEY GENERAL, who is doing absolutely nothing to address the malfeasance and negligence.

    Doctors are now FORCING patients to take detrimental medications, and denying patients medications they have used for PTSD, sleep deprivation, etc.

    Medical and insurance malfeasance/negligence is RAMPANT!!!!!


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