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  1. Edwin R. Martinson
    January 27, 2010 @ 3:06 pm

    Now that corporations ARE people, shouldn’t they have the same restrictions and responsibilities as real people? For instance, they should all pay the same INCOME TAX, the same Property TAX, have limits on how much they can give a candidate and pay TAX on the amounts that they give corporations, since PEOPLE don’t have operating expenses that are TAX deductible. They also should pay the same energy costs, school taxes and all the responsibilities of being a people type citizen. Since companies are PEOPLE, this means they can be sued like people and go to jail like people and be arrested like people and have to get licenses, etc. like PEOPLE. All the laws that protected CORPORATIONS should be voided, because there are no longer corporations, but people. Since we don’t have royalty that have privileges, doesn’t this mean that all those old corporation laws are out? That means that corporation lawyers have to all be fired, because they can’t represent entities that no longer exist.


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