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  1. Stuart Heady
    May 4, 2010 @ 11:54 am

    What very few people seem to realize is that large scale financial arrangements through entities like the WTO, agreements between governments like NAFTA, and through banking techniques such as Loan Syndication, are a prime cause for the immigration crisis.

    Never head of Loan Syndication? This has been a feature of banking policy under federal guidelines since at least the 1970s. Banks can’t loan out more than a small percentage of their entire capital in one loan. To get around this, large banks put together lots of banks in a mega-loan.

    Typically these are 200+ year payback period loans to developing world countries, preferably centralized government owned operations like iron mines. Pretty much everyone with any savings or even a checking account in the US is invested in this.

    One of the reasons you never heard of this is that, with debt forgiveness in the past decade or so, individual account holders were protected from harm through FDIC coverage. The US taxpayer provided a silent bailout.

    The trillions of dollars in interconnected financial arrangements comprise a force that has a big impact on people throughout Latin and South America.

    Local subsistence farmers, working indigenous land that has been under this form of agriculture going back into the millennia, and other local folks, get forced off the land. The oligarchies of these countries, doing business with the investors and corporations from Al Norte, see paisanos as being in the way of maximizing investments on a large scale.

    Those paisanos who want to complain can be subjected to reprisals or threats of reprisals. How many conclude it is better just to start walking north?

    According to some estimates, as many as 3/4 of a million such people per year.

    Normally if we saw a crowd of people running we would wonder what they were running from.

    In this case, we think they just pop into existence the moment they cross the border moving north.

    If we really wanted to deal with the immigration crisis, we would see it in relation to the larger Wall Street and banking crisis and use international tools to deal with the economic imbalances throughout the hemisphere caused by large scale financial arrangements that seem to assume that displaced people by the millions are mere externalities.


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