1. Lee Davis
    May 8, 2010 @ 7:47 am

    Why is it that no one is talking about 100% public Campaign financing? The fact that 100% Campaign Financing is not being considered, causes me ask, Are Politicians using some of this Campaign Cash to inrich themselves? All that has been hidden will one day be revealed.


  2. Mary Ellen Pearson
    May 11, 2010 @ 7:24 pm

    I, Mary Ellen Pearson, am working against this backhandling of elections. We need laws to stop big business from controlling our Gov’t. “WE The People” need our democracy back.

    Mary Ellen Pearson


  3. gloriana casey
    July 24, 2010 @ 12:06 pm

    “Public Finance and the Democracy Dance”
    from gloriana casey 7/24/2010

    Imagine if DEMOCRACY
    was one big Country Dance!
    But just a number could come in.
    For CITIZENS… no chance!
    As SPENDERS BIG, they blocked the line,
    that when WE got to door.
    That Fire Chief—he would frown and say
    “There’s not space for one more.”
    And through the windows, we would look
    to see those happy lights,
    And wondered what those SPENDERS did
    to take away our rights!
    But then–some SPENDERS saw us peek
    along the window pane.
    “PRIVATE PARTY,” they would sneer,
    “No citizens profane!”
    And then, they’d slam the shade down tight,
    SHUT OUT! WE all would be.
    WE came to DANCE, participate,
    Where’s OUR Democracy?***


  4. Elmer
    September 28, 2010 @ 1:50 pm

    I have railed against Lobbyist, corporations even union funds being used to finance re-election campaining. I believe it should be illegal.

    If a candidate can obtain enough signatures to qualify. They should be afforded media coverage of their qualifications , education and resume at government expense, allowed to debate their opponent and that’s it.

    All the lies and defamation that is spread doesn’t prove a thing other than that the ones offering the money are expecting something in return.

    If they want to spend money to improve life for the average citizen, why not contribute money to the government to lower the national debt. It would make a lot more sense than complaining about the taxes they pay.

    The corporations have so many loopholes in the laws (created in many cases) by the ones that they supported, that they don’t even pay their fair share. It’s widely rumored, if not proved, that General Electric hasn’t paid taxes in many years


  5. Who would’ve known that the DISCLOSE Act calls for burning books, regulating the Internet – and even creates death panels? « CitizenVox
    December 28, 2010 @ 10:56 pm

    […] decision, in which the Court ruled that corporations may make unlimited expenditures in elections. The DISCLOSE Act is a good but modest bill designed to open the books on who is paying for these unlimited independent expenditure campaign […]


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