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  1. bill resnick
    May 14, 2010 @ 10:31 am

    Hi Tyson Slocum,
    Daphne Wysham suggested you would be great for radio interview on the Kerry-Leiberman bill (18 minutes or so, no call-ins) on:
    – Its essentials.
    – Its subsidies to the fossil fuel and nuclear industries, and also to the big private utilities seeking to develop big expensive technologies like>”clean coal.”
    – How the bill impacts the development of community and regional scale solarand wind. Will the big privates gain the tools to control the governance andexpansion of local production and distribution sytems? Who will controlconservation projects and dollars?
    – Its impacts on local and state legislation and experimentation.
    – Can progressives cut the gifts to the fossil fuel industries, the big utilities, and big finance who will create, hold, and sell this huge bonded and guaranteed debt, an enormous pepetual burden on the ratepayers. Can we retain room, that is power and authority, to create the local photovoltaic and wind systems that promise to be cheaper, more efficient, more reliable, and democratically run too, thus able to coordinate the sort of conservation and use reduction programs that are necessary.
    I would love to do it live Monday at 9:00am Pacific, noon in Washington DC. Or I could prerecord on Saturday or Sunday, but would have to arrange for a studio.
    We’re the Old Mole hour on KBOO, 90.7fm Portland, like a Pacifica station,run Democracy Now for national news, but independent, run by our 6,000members, with a very big signal and an appreciable audience.
    best, solidarity,
    bill resnick


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