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  1. Largactil
    July 23, 2010 @ 7:41 pm

    Here in Finland all reports on this catastrophe and Its aftermath fail to mention the politics and bigotry that have caused extra damage and slowed down the work. Tabloids and TV news are really biased here and I don’t know why. WTO and €uro have screwed our economy and taken means to regulate it and still no critcism. Oil companies shouldn’t need to evade respondibility when such a high-risk operation goes to hell killing workers and destroying an ecosystem and the livelihoods of the people who depend on it. Fossil fuel is something you get for the cost of digging it up and transporting it. So BP must make insane revenues with cheap labor and obviously cheap machinery. Still they refuse to pay out of endless greed. Remember this is not an internal matter as a huge area of ocean is polluted for all of us and BP has accumulated some wealth from oil production so they should be able to pay for the environmental costs of such business. No instead they attempt to disguise the extent of damage and refuse to compensate for it.

    Your government sucks by the way. Not that our lizard kings were much better but at leat they can decide something on issues of grave importance. European Union and WTO have screwed us economically because our own citizens can’t compete with immigrant workers from other EU countries because we have high taxes and commodities are expensive Finland. So I can barely pay for my rent food & electricity with 15€/h wages. While immigrant workers will do the same job for under 10€/h and don’t even taxes.

    We’re building nuclear power here! Actually German & French contractors are. It was supposed to be a smart move? when mankind is on the verge moving to renewable energy. No fuck them windmills We need a new gas pipeline built from Russia and more atomic clocks in a country so small that a single meltdown would have cataclysmic results. The BP accident scenario had never happened before and it happened. We know Tchernobyl happened especially since I was born a few months after the radioactive dust cloud left Finland with a slightly increased background radiation. I was born with extreme myopia and other abnormalities in my eyes and I wouldn’t be amazed if some of those born in Finland 1987 have been affected.



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