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  1. Elmer Stenger
    August 9, 2010 @ 12:06 pm

    I believe I replied earlier, but a little more shouldn’t hurt!

    I certainly agree that we need to get corporate financing out of politics.

    Public financing seems to be the best answer, as I noted previously, I don’t know of any drawbacks, but suppose they will be found, if the past is any indication.

    The conservative right and their radio and T.V talk shows, as well as the left liberals, accept the bribes. And they seem to think it is O.K. Government service was never meant to be to be a lifetime job. There are many qualified individuals who could fill the bill. I’m a fairly regular viewer of C-span, watch and listen to Public radio and T.V. They may lean left, but are more likely to support the common man in their search for equity and justice

    Enuff said!


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