1. DeWayne
    September 3, 2010 @ 6:25 pm

    I see one important (possible) flaw with public (tax) funding, the ‘upper-hierarchy’ of Dem/Gop consortium working together were effective in essentially limiting who was a legitimate candidate through deceptive parameter called popularity, by controling media thus making ‘popularity’ an inability for legitimate candidates to get media coverage and public awareness (popularity) of their position’s.
    The person that comes to mind is Ralph Nader, using this ruse and courts cases tying up Naders efforts, they were able to keep their “Pork/PAC/Perk/Payola” game limited between themselves only… the losers having to temporarily work for the former Corp’s they were regulating (aka enabling).
    I strongly suggest making this problem a point of resolution, otherwise I am sure this group of orgnized crime will only become more entrenched.


  2. Judy
    September 4, 2010 @ 4:08 pm

    One way to take the wind out of the campaign donations would be to pass a law that would put ALL DONATIONS into one giant slush fund and divide it equally among all candidates.

    The candidates would have to keep strict books on what every cent goes for, and if they still have money left over the election the money would have to go back into the slush fund for the next election.

    This way no one knows who they are beholding to as the moneys are mixed together.

    The people who control the money would be a neutral organization, like the League of Women’s Voters or some other organization.

    I know some crooked politician will try to circumvent it, but with people keeping track of all expenditures and a strict punishment for breaking the rules, we could gain some control, and no corporation will have a hold on any candidate.


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