1. Dr. Bob Ross
    September 3, 2010 @ 3:57 pm

    We’re entering the fray with you — check out our recently-introduced website. We would love to interact with you for a common result — fair elections and 100% voter representation.

    Contact: Dr. Bob Ross

    August 31, 2010
    For immediate release:

    New voter advocacy group announces endorsement of Dr. Bob Ross, candidate for congress from the 16th district in Ohio

    MajorityVoteRules.Org, a new voter advocacy group, is proud to announce their endorsement of Dr. Bob Ross, candidate for congress from the 16th district in Ohio. MajorityVoteRules.Org is a recently formed, 501 (c) (4) non-profit political organization who’s mission is to enhance voters’ effectiveness in the election and legislative processes. The goal of the organization is to eliminate the corruption of the election process by the existing two-party system and its reliance on the billions of dollars donated to them by special interest individuals and corporations.

    According to Dr. Ross, founder as well as first candidate for MajorityVoteRules.Org, “the prevailing philosophy in politics today is, ‘he who pays the piper, calls the tune,’ and it is this philosophy that has led to the disenfranchisement of the American voters. Until now, voters have had no real say in how their representatives were chosen nor how they vote when in office. This is often why the numbers of voters turning out to vote is so low, considering the large number of eligible voters.”

    “’Why waste my time voting’ ask many voters. ‘The system is rigged so that no matter who gets in, the outcome is still the same.’”

    “And it is just those voters that we want to reach” stated Dr. Ross. “We intend to reform the whole political process and give voters a voice for a change.”

    “We are developing a member-sponsored organization that eliminates the need for the two parties and those big campaign donations, allowing our candidates to faithfully represent their constituents 100% of the time. And to ensure that they do so, we require that they actually take a pledge to represent the majority will of their constituents 100% of the time. And we go one step further than that: for the first time in the history of American politics, we require our candidates to sign an undated letter of resignation that can be dated and enforced should the majority of his/her constituents decide that he/she has willfully voted against the majority will of his/her constituents. As there is currently no constitutional method that voters can use to remove representatives or senators, this is really the first time in American history that there is some true accountability in the federal political process.

    When asked about his views on issues such as jobs and how he would bring them back to Ohio, Dr. Ross stated that he would bring such issues before his constituents, go over all the possible solutions to the problem with them, fact check all the relevant information for them, and have Survey USA, a reliable, national polling company, poll them so everyone will know exactly how they would like him, as their representative, to vote on the issue – and then vote exactly as the majority of constituents direct.

    Ross finished, “zero dollars from special interest groups and corporations, zero influence from the two
    parties, 100 percent majority representation – that’s what we want for the 16th District and for


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