1. doctorblue
    September 29, 2010 @ 9:33 pm

    On target post! In fact, if you need an example of someone who was harmed by failure to diagnose, became destitute and is now being supported by taxpayers through Social Security Disability at age 56, use me, Doctorblue http://doctorblue.wordpress.com. From the age of 50-55, I spent all of my retirement funds and other assets believing I could find one doctor in the Washington, DC area with the knowledge and will to help me get well. I was naive. I should have spent it on attorneys filing a medical malpractice suit.

    Now, with my only support $2000 a month in SSDI payments, finding a lawyer to represent me on a contingency basis is pie in the sky. I’ve been advised I need at least $50,000 to cover upfront administrative and witness expenses which are not considered a part of counsel’s contingency award and must be paid win or lose. By no longer having the funds to pursue justice, I feel like my rights as an American are being denied. At least the Virginia Supreme Court had the foresight to recognize such instances in deciding to toll the statute of limitations for those harmed by malpractice until treatment for the subject condition ends.

    Based on my research, there are thousands of others just like me who became disabled at the hands of doctors and whose basic right to trial — to be heard — as citizens of the U.S. is being denied. We believed in a health care system that abandons the chronically ill largely due to doctors’ lack of knowledge and because our system dissects patients into an assemblage of non-interacting parts which are viewed statically by x-ray.

    (What car mechanic can tell you what’s wrong with a car by looking at disassembled parts on the garage floor? Most of the good ones I know need to start the engine to tell what and where the problem is.)

    In my case, doctors (some Washingtonian top doctors) confused the symptoms of an intestinal blockage with anxiety. The symptoms from internal bleeding ulcers were confused with non-existent drug use. So doctors prescribed drugs known to cause dementia if taken for an extended period as a fix for my “upset stomach” and “high anxiety.” And this madness continues for others on a daily basis.

    After years of study, I correctly self-diagnosed and located knowledgeable surgeons at the Cleveland Clinic who performed the needed surgery paid for by Medicare this past February. Doctors estimate under the best scenario that recovery will take at least three years and some damage from not being diagnosed is irreversible.


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