1. tribalscribal
    August 6, 2011 @ 6:37 pm

    We’ve pretty much given up on Washington. Since most folks there a wholly owned or beholding to the corporados a lot of us are thinking about the Wall Street Occupation posed by Ad Busters here: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=144937025580428


  2. Adam Ebraham
    August 6, 2011 @ 11:49 pm

    Still We see some small gaps that would pop up in the time of 10 years coming – assured will be very painfull – for the working people and unemployed.
    May be I talk about simulation 0.06% – and really in the past 2010 election we applied same system : and WE HAVE SEEN REALITY. (A football game played! and at end a new game, and everybody happy). No, Election and game has different statuses
    and surely we have seen.
    I agree with this script and get ready for the 2012 General Election.(FYI: I am not Government employee) you can trust me.
    Many groups from sides of the Parties are born every single
    day with a life of a month not more. Irrationality that you see is cover, like a tent under which people are deciding for what actions will be take or prepared foe the 2012.
    If you observe the daily Washington DC, no deal,no agreement,no deficit,no default danger has been finished.
    Hope for the positive when you cannot expell the negative.
    Adam E.


  3. Raymond
    August 7, 2011 @ 2:21 pm

    Excellent points, just excellent. The People’s Budget overlooked by the MSM would remove the debt and put the US on a path to recovery without hurting anyone, instead we have a fight over the Ryan and Obama budget, that are actually similar budgets that do somewhat the same thing. Having a debate over debt and deficits as the main problem in this country is disturbing, for the Republicans have convinced the Dems and even Obama that it is the main issue of the day. If the top 5% paid their 35% tax rate without the loopholes and deductions, it would raise $11.85 trillion dollars, and they, the top 5% would not be hurt in the process, for they would still have at least 4 times the average tax payer income. If the federal budget comtinues to run deficits, and does not collect taxes owed to it by the wealthy and the corporations, and in fact, borrows the money from these wealthy ones to pay for their own tax cuts, then there really is a bigger problem here. Democracy has no place in this type of system where the rich call all the shots due to their lobbyists and bought politicians. Think Plutocracy, Oligarchy, and then watch Capitalism: A Love Story by Michael Moore, in which a corporate spokesman says that capitalism does not need Democracy and you will find out where our Democracy has gone, back to the 1920’s and Hooverism where the privileged wealthy run the show, which resulted in the 1930’s debacle and became the Great Depression, and the 2008 meltdown, a result of the rich running the show again, and sadly it is worse, because the SCOTUS has given carte blanche to the rich and the corporations to make it easier to buy elections. The 2008 crisis was an investment problem of the rich, diverting funds of workers pensions into their casino game, with the SEC and the CTFB standing guard with their hands tied, while the ratings agencies shared their “opinions” on the investments in derivatives, CDOs, and other toxic schemes, as being worthy investments, not to mention that some pensions were dependent on the ratings agencies in order to invest. The 2008 crisis report that came out in January 2011 even says the ratings agencies were responsible for the meltdown, and just last Friday, the S&P agency had the nerve to make a political point that their $4 trillion dollar deficit and debt reduction be implemented and was not, and so they downgraded the US gov’t as AA+ down from AAA. Who died and made them god? Who are they? They were only a major factor in the 2008 debacle to the economy, so why should anyone listen to them? The US needs to remove these(the S&P at least) dishonest groups of ratings agencies that are bought and paid for by the financial industry. If Obama and the DOJ does not investigate these guys, it would be truly a show of diminished power of the federal gov’t to keep folks honest whose decisions affect millions of citizens


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