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  1. D. Campbell
    August 9, 2012 @ 12:08 am

    Let no one forget that the United States of America is a Republic with a republican form of government (not necessarily meaning Democrats vs Republicans as we know them). All must study and understand the meaning of a republic form of government -vs- a democratic form of government. We must protect our Constitution as it was originally intended and not as living, changing document. Anything added to it must only reinforce its original meaning not change it in any way lest we lose our freedoms we have become so accustomed to but are threatened every day by those without knowledge, education, integrity, love of country and the many other strengths of character our Constitution is intended to support. We must not only NOT change it, but fight for it as the means this country became the greatest country in the world. Now it is being threatened by many of our leaders including our current president who are pushing it toward complete Socialism. I recommend you study all you can about Socialism, Stalin, Hitler and the governments they promoted just as Marxism and Socialism is now being promoted in our own government by officials elected by those who know nothing of the ramifications of this form of government and will only wish they had known better when they too are oppressed under the thumb of a dictator, tyrant l . . . which we are very rapidly moving toward. Those of you who want something for nothing belong in a socialist country, . . . BUT THIS ISN’T IT!


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