1. John Kromko
    July 13, 2013 @ 10:36 pm

    This report makes it seem like single payer will be a breeze. One of the unstated goals of ObamaCare was to block single payer. The bill was written by insurance companies with their puppet president and congressional stooges who pledged among themselves that single payer wouldn’t even be discussed. There’s not a word in the report about how to get around THAT.

    Some preliminary steps:
    1. Elect a president who supports single payer.
    2. Elect a Congress who will reject insurance company money.
    3. Make it be 2017 when waivers can be applied for.


  2. Ana
    July 18, 2013 @ 10:23 pm

    Single payer isn’t something ACA will obstruct — ultimately. Single payer is the future. Period. I say to the states listed: get with the program, and get with it fast. This is what the people want (the majority). We want everyone to get covered. Everyone. No exceptions.

    ACA is nothing more than a band-aid, and will ultimately do little to solve the underlying problems with the current system.

    Only someone in this country (among the industrialized) can imagine how wonderful it’s going to feel to be able to work anywhere we want, for ourselves (also the future) or for someone else, in whatever capacity and schedule suits us, without the constant anxiety of having to get into a company that happens to provide health insurance. And how awesome it’s going to be to live every day without the extreme stress of wondering if we’re going to be financially ruined for life after receiving medical care we couldn’t possibly pay for.

    Single payer is the future.


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