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  1. gary Hild
    September 14, 2013 @ 3:33 am

    Finally, I just retired from the concrete industry where the owner/slaver/bosses showed absolutely no consideration about enforcing safety where inhalation of cement, fly ash and sand that even though it wasn’t my job, I made it clear to those performing the repairs at the very least wore surgical masks when the bosses allowed them to be ordered. After almost a decade under these sick SOBS I finally escaped to form a nonprofit educational foundation and live for me. No more kissing the axx of uncaring and unfeeling slavers. Never again will I work for anyone who treats people like slaves as a the “freedom to work laws in Texas “gives the power to abuse. Republican rule in taxass has virtually destroyed employees safety when there’s no absolute oversight by a federal agency in texas. When will democrat governing return to this Perry/W screwed up state. Now they are trying to further dumb down the youths by reintroducing religious crap into biology textbooks. How destructive can a republican ruling class become when idiot voters and gerrymandered districts mess up a once Democratic state. What a mess texas has become.


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