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  1. Ron Tschudy
    February 22, 2014 @ 10:33 pm

    I will suggest one tactic when discussing climate change with a denier. Deniers, I find, THINK they are actually basing their side of the discussion on facts of various sorts, things they’ve picked up from Fox “News”, for example. So I ask them whether there is ANY change in their local weather that would convince them that the climate is really changing. For instance, I ask, suppose next summer between July 1st and Labor Day the daytime average temperature was 110 degrees Fahrenheit. (Here in northern Michigan, that’s about 30 degrees above normal, so it’s NOT going to happen.) If they continue to deny, I gently point out that their views on climate change are BELIEFS, totally disconnected from evidence, from reality. Further discussion is nonsensical, pointless.


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