1. gloriana casey
    November 8, 2014 @ 9:52 pm

    Please make sure to read the article by Justice at Stake…it’s really eye opening about how overpowering that the ability to make money into free speech has totally changed the election process.
    While I was reading their article, a movement caught ny eye, and this is gross, but it was a daddy long legs wrapping up a fly. It was sad for the fly, but a pretty good analogy of what happens when a democratic republic is controlled by a few groups with BIG money.

    After wrapping up the fly, the daddy long legs, came in closer and apprently was eating the fly———-that made the article come to life, because another daddy long legs tried to get that fly and there was a battle for it——-another good analogty for big money groups fighting over the judge that they might own.

    JUDGES should NOT have to spend money to run, because if that happens, then like the daddy long legs——the fly ( the judge) is caught in a web he can never escape amd not only is the judge ( aka the fly )owned—-but so is the judicial process…..the rule of law becomes a jungle miasma of who’s got the top dollar!


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