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  1. William
    March 21, 2016 @ 4:25 pm

    I am disappointed that Public Citizen didn’t bother doing due diligence. Apparently there was a virus going around, effecting many who hadn’t consumed raw milk. If they had done any research Public Citizen would have discovered that raw milk has a better safety record than commercial, mass produced milk. It is typically produced by small family farms who are scrupulous about cleanliness (the farm families also usually consume the milk themselves), unlike CAFO commercial dairy producers where past bacteria outbreaks have originated post-pasteurization. People in many states are advocating for access to raw milk because of it’s health benefits (enzymes present that are killed in pasteurization, which also alters other components). Many people have reported recovering from health disorders after adding raw milk to their diet. Raw milk requires some simple precautions, like keeping it below a certain temperature. Our processed (i.e., “dead”) food system is totally geared toward long shelf life, not consumer health or nutrition, and has resulted in significant increases in chronic disorders. Equating raw milk with lead in gasoline is just ignorance, not worthy of Public Citizen’s normally high standards.


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