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Public Citizen: Our home page and portal to all the public interest work we do on social justice, climate change, health research, financial reform, fair trade and much more.

Consumer Law & Policy Blog: The contributors to this blog are a diverse group of lawyers and law professors who practice, teach, or write about consumer law and policy. It is hosted by Public Citizen.

Eyes on Trade: A blog by the staff of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch division that looks at globalization and trade issues.

Fair Arbitration Now: The Fair Arbitration Now Coalition advocates to end the proliferation of forced arbitration in contracts and terms of agreement for employment, nursing home admissions, and goods and services.

Texas Vox: A blog by the staff of Public Citizen’s Texas office focusing on ways to lower electric bills, increase clean and renewable sources of energy and combat greenhouse gas emissions, which are responsible for global climate change.

Worst Pills, Best Pills: Researched, written and maintained by Public Citizen’s Health Research Group, whose primary focus is working to ban or relabel unsafe or ineffective drugs and to encourage greater transparency and accountability in the drug approval process.

Energy Vox: Archive of our Energy Program staff writings about climate change and energy policy. These blog posts are now filed under this blog,

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